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Berlin Gripped By Property Boom As Germans Turn Their Backs On Renting | World News | The Observer

However, users of the FTTN network will not receive speed guarantees beyond 25 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up,the report states - similar http://www.redherring.com/events/red-herring-asia/asia-2012-presenting-companies/ to the maximum performance under ideal line conditions of today's ADSL2+ service. Fibre customers hoping to receive the fast service they ordered may also end up being disappointed under NBN Co's proposals. NBN Co reportedly said it will not take responsibility for individual line speeds, leaving the selection of the correct speed tier to end users and providers. It will not prevent end users or providers from ordering up to 100 Mbps speed tiers for a service that would typically experience speeds of less than 50 Mbps, according to the report. Some 30,000 roadside cabinets or nodes will need to be built and deployed for the NBN Co FTTN network.

Even James Guerin agrees that exponential increases comparable with those in London are unlikely. "Germans are more prudent in property purchasing. There is no property ladder here. They tend to buy later in life and hold their properties long term.

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